Why Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana has some major health benefits.  Did you know that Florida medical marijuana products are cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals or ingredients?  In stark contrast, marijuana from non regulated or street level sources can often be contaminated with chemicals, fungus, and even harmful street drugs.  From a medical standpoint, physicians cannot advocate for the delivery of super-heated cannabis particles inhaled into the sensitive tissues of the lungs (which is how most recreational marijuana usage occurs).  By committing to a regulated medical process with clean delivery methods you can limit the harmful effects of marijuana on your body and maximize the positive effects.  Here are some other positive effects of Medical Marijuana:

Slows Cancer Tumor Growth

Research has shown that cannabidiol works to slow cancer cells from spreading by turning off specific genes

Treats Glaucoma

Taking Marijuana decreases pressure in the eye, relieving the increased eye pressure associated with Glaucoma.

Decreases Parkinson's Tremors

Based on a study done in Israel, Parkinson’s sufferers showed decreased tremors and pain, while improving sleep function when taking marijuana.

Helps with Hepatitis C Treatment

Marijuana users were way more likely to complete their Hepatitis C treatment (86%) compared to their non-marijuana using counterparts (29%).

Treats Crohn's Disease

Researchers found that cannabis improves gut health of Crohn’s Disease patients.

Improves Epileptic Seizures

Research from New York University shows that seizure sufferers who were resistant to pharmaceuticals responded positively to cannabidiol (CBD).  CBD has been researched for therapeutic use in Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome.

Relieves Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis sufferers reported pain reduction and improved sleep using a cannabiniol-based medication.

Pain Relief

Those with chronic pain have found that taking marijuana is more effective at reducing pain than taking aspirin.

Reduces PTSD Symptomalogy

Preliminary research shows that marijuana improves several PTSD-related symptoms including flashbacks, poor sleep, and agitation.


Based on a study that looked at asthma sufferers over 20 years, taking marijuana actually improved pulmonary functioning.

Anxiety Reduction

Marijuana use has been shown to decrease levels of anxiety, according to a Harvard study.

Nathan Mohseni