We are discreet and understand that although conventional therapy is commonly prescribed, Medical Marijuana is necessary to give you the care you need.  Contact us today to meet the local Medical Marijuana Doctors who will go that extra mile to be there for you when it really matters.  Caring and compassion are two of our core tenets as board certified physicians working on the front lines of healthcare.  Our belief in the compassionate treatment of disease means that our patients come first.  While other physicians may feel conventional therapies are adequate, we understand the importance and necessity of Medical Marijuana.  We are Florida licensed physicians with experience, training, and knowledge of medical marijuana.  Our doctors have completed the state mandated course to certify patients to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card. Reach out to us today »

We Provide Medical Marijuana Services


Medical Marijuana Card
Whether a first time consult or a repeat marijuana consult, the Innovate Health Med team is here for all your needs.


General Medical Consultation
While we provide medical marijuana treatments we are also there if you need any basic medical consultation or prescription refill, call us for details. Set up a consultation today »


Medical Forms
You'll need to bring your medical records and  fill out New Patient, Medical Marijuana Consent, Payment and a Liability Waver.